Fenham French

Teaching French on Tyneside for 15 years


Fenham French was set up in 2006 by (Dr) Sabine Rondet to offer language services in the Newcastle upon Tyne area. We offer tuition to suit any need, whether it's help with exams, mastering the basics before a holiday in France or just polishing writing and conversation skills.

Fenham French also offers translation services in a variety of languages. These services extend to the translation of computer systems and their attendant documentation.

Tutoring cours particuliers

Fenham French offers made-to-measure tuition to meet a wide range of needs:

  • one-to-one tuition
  • conversation in small groups
  • extra/after-school help (to complement school teaching)
  • writing
  • communicative approach (focused on fluency and confidence)
  • formal, methodical approach (grammar notions and applications)
  • all levels, from beginners to advanced
  • Fenham French can provide material and resources, or work with the learner’s own choice of resources (textbook, articles, documents…)

What the learners said:

EJ (A2 level) from Ponteland:
"I'm really grateful for all the help Sabine gave me! It was invaluable practice and I'm sure I wouldn't have done so well without it. She put me at ease straightaway and wasn't afraid to point out where I could improve. I would definitely recommend her if you want to practice, improve or keep your French going! Merci beaucoup!"

SA (A2-level) from Gateshead:
"In the summer, I got a B in my exam, which I'm so proud of.
Thank you so much for all the help you gave me! Without your help, I doubt it would have been possible to get that result. You explained things in a way that was much easier to understand and therefore easier to grasp, so thanks again for all your time and efforts. It's appreciated more than you would know!!!!"

PH (GCSE) from Ryton:
"Just to let you know that I got a B in my French GCSE.
Thanks again!"

MB (Adult Learner) from Gateshead:
"Just returned from holidays in France.
Wow, such freedom when speaking French now, even the locals have noticed a difference!"

PR (BA Degree), teacher in Lanchester:
"I passed the level 2 French speaking exam and course and therefore my BA Spanish and French degree is finished!! Many thanks for all of your help! I really think that if it had not been for your help I would never have passed it!"

JW (AS Level) from Killingworth:
"Just letting you know I got a C in my French AS level, which I was very surprised and happy about. Thank you for all your help with it, I am very grateful."

JM (A2 Level) from Ponteland:
"Just to let you know I got an A in French in my A-level exams. Thanks for all your help."

SH (GCSE) from Ryton:
"I was awarded a B in my French GCSE and we were all very pleased."

GM (GCSE) from Ponteland:
"After a disappointing result in my mock French GCSE, I found having sessions with Sabine a great deal of help. I also found confidence in speaking French that I didn’t have before. But along with having a better understanding of French, I also just had lot of fun and some great laughs! I am very grateful to Sabine for her patience and for helping me gain a good pass at GCSE"

WW (AS Level) from Newcastle upon Tyne:
"Thanks to you I got A grades in all my French AS modules, and have an interview in Cambridge next week. Thanks for your help"

MJ (Adult Learner) from Newcastle upon Tyne:
"Working with Sabine has been an absolute pleasure. She is organised, knowledgeable and patient. Her lessons are carefully planned and her handouts well designed and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone."

JB (A2 Level) from Cramlington:
"Being able to talk to a native French speaker was invaluable, it really helped me both with pronunciation and making more use of idiomatic language. The lessons were based around areas I wanted to develop, with resources I could keep and use to help me in my normal school lessons. I lost fears I had about speaking the language and got more used to hearing it, both of which helped me in my exams and when I traveled to Canada on an exchange. The atmosphere in the lessons was really comfortable and I would definitely recommend Sabine to anyone wanting to improve their French ability."


Fenham French can provide English into French, and French into English translation for a wide range of documents:

  • contracts
  • legal
  • technical (including computer systems)
  • commercial
  • letters
  • etc...

On request, Fenham French can also source German, Spanish and Italian.

We have experience of technical translation (machinery, software specifications, etc.) and education certificates (IB, BA and BSc degrees).

In the property world we can provide translation services for agents wishing to translate property details into French, and also help potential buyers with accurate translations of details of properties in which they have an interest.

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